The Team 

Mainiax Motorsports is a group of automotive enthusiasts who's true passion is Rally Racing.   We compete in both Nasa Rally Sport and Rally America events up and down the east coast.

Michael Reilly


Mike is a speed freak and the president of the local A.D.D chapter.  His hobbies are rally, starting companies and making sure he keeps his gorgeous wife Amy happy... because let's be honest...she's the boss.  His favorite thing to do is cheer on his 3 awesome kids,Charlotte, Patrick and Andrew.

Josh Benthien


Josh loves rally, disco, picture books, Bavarian powered autos and most of all his beautiful wife Kate and their new son Jack.    When he isn't racing he spends his time developing real estate in Portland Maine.

Allen Downs
Crew Chief

Allen is the guy the keeps it all you can see from his photo he is very photogenic and loves attention...  Oh and he loves working on Fords.

Eric Trussel



Eric is a vital part of the team, he is willing and ready to do what ever it takes to get the cars back on the road at service.  He also loves to talk, next time you see him at a rally make sure you say hi.